Insultry, Eartha Kitt-enish tones, Tina Turner told the capacity crowd at the Wax Museum Saturday night she has no intention of slowing down. "I'm just beginning," said the 42-year-old singer, who somehow doesn't seem quite ready for the rock 'n' roll retirement home.

Looking as limber as a teen-ager in her usual skimpy minidress and singing with the combustible energy of two or three of them, Turner, along with two leggy chorines, shimmied and shook at full throttle from start to finish. The song rotation may have been familiar--"River Deep, Mountain High," "Get Back," "Honky Tonk Woman"--but there were a couple of relative newcomers--Rod Stewart's "Tonight's the Night" and a gospel-like treatment of the Beatles' "Help"--to keep things from becoming too predictable. Turner's limited range never caused much of a problem, not with pianist Kenny Moore there to help smooth out the rough spots with his satiny harmonies.

Turner still closes her concerts with both the "easy" and the "rough" versions of "Proud Mary." "I've been singing this song a long time," she said, "and the more I sing it the better it gets." No doubt Turner says that at all her shows, but there was more than a little truth to it Saturday night.