Though some musicians are loath to admit it, much of the current music derived from punk sources is little more than dance music, a kind of hyperkinetic disco where the beat, albeit a quirky one, still reigns supreme.

At the Bayou Sunday night, you could have pogo-ed yourself silly right up till closing time, listening to three area bands eschew melodic interests for throbbing bass lines, droning guitar overlays, pulsating keyboards and a percussive groove.

Day for Night and Graphic Shadows opened with relatively restrained performances--good enough to keep the dance floor busy, but lacking the wherewithal to make their usually obtuse, angst-laden lyrics worth listening to, or to make their stage shows worth watching.

Only Egoslavia, formerly known as REM, seemed to possess a distinct personality. This quartet, made up of two women and two men, have come up with some irresistible dance numbers. Where the other bands lacked the necessary rhythmic punch, Egoslavia had it to spare. While the other bands seemed detached from their songs, Egoslavia was spontaneous, unpredictable and, whenever boredom threatened, a little arrogant on stage. Artsy and aloof simply isn't their style. Coming at the end of a frequently tedious four-hour concert, their energy--if nothing else--was especially welcome.