Some resources for children:

* Home Safety Instruction. Some police and fire departments in the area will send a representative to talk to your family or a small neighborhood group on making your home more secure, on preventing fires and what to do if there is one.

* The Official Kids' Survival Kit, How to Do Things on Your Own, a book for children by Elaine Chaback and Pat Fortunato, illustrated by Bill Ogden. (Little, Brown & Co., paperback, $8.95). Information, arranged alphabetically, to help children cope with situations, feelings, emergencies. Straightforward, non-condescending approach and amusing drawings make it a favorite of children.

"Almost everything in this book," note the authors, "is for kids whose parents work."

* School-Age Child Care Project. Information on existing before- and after-school projects, as well as how to start survival classes or after-school day-care programs. Contact Michelle Seltzer, Child Care Project, Wellesley College Center for Research on Women, Cheever House, Wellesley, Mass. 02181.

* Survival Skills for Kids. For information about classes in Alexandria or to get written materials which include a leaders' guide and handbook for children, contact Nancy Pfafflin, Alexandria Cooperative Extension Service, 901 Wythe St. Alexandria, Va., 22314, or call 838-4333.

Are you a Resource? Educators Tom and Lynette Long, who are writing a book on latchkey children, are eager to talk to parents of latchkey children or to adults who were latchkey children. Call Tom Long at Catholic University, 635-5800, or Lynette Long at Loyola College, Baltimore, 301-323-1010.