Vice President George Bush accepted more than $17,000 in gifts last year, including a $2,337 crystal platter, five cases of wine, golf balls, a season pass to all American League baseball games, St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox baseball jackets, a telescope and a glass elephant.

In his annual financial disclosure statement, Bush listed 23 gifts that he intends to keep for himself, according to Peter Teeley, Bush's press secretary. There are no rules against Bush's accepting gifts from individuals, as long as he declares anything worth more than $35, but he may not accept gifts from foreign governments.

Teeley said the statement includes $900,000 in stocks, cash and Treasury notes that the vice president put in a blind trust last year. He reported taking no more than $15,000 from the trust during the year. The vice president's official salary is $79,125.

The statement reported that the vice president earned more than $27,000 last year in distributions from two partnerships and at least $70,000 from the sale of stock and a lot in Vail, Colo.

President Reagan reported 10 days ago that he accepted more than $31,000 in gifts during his first year in office.

The most expensive gift listed in Bush's statement was a $3,500 bronze sculpture of a horse from the Houston School for Deaf Children. Ned Van Maanen, the school's director, said Bush and his wife, Barbara, were honored by the school's ladies auxiliary as "Houstonians of the Year."

A Steuben crystal platter with a sterling silver base was the gift of Edward J. Campbell, head of Newport News Shipbuilding. Teeley said the gift was accepted at the christening of the nuclear submarine USS Houston.

Other gifts included: a $1,500 porcelain eagle from the Invest in America Council in Philadelphia; $125 worth of golf balls, a pen-and-pencil set, sweater, shirt, cap and canvas bag from sports announcer Joe Garagiola; 30 shirts inscribed "Vice President George Bush" worth $200 from Cy Laughter of Dayton, sponsor of a charity golf tournament; a $205 mounted bonefish Bush caught in the Florida keys; a $525 Steuben beaver from J. Daniel Mahoney, chairman of the New York state Conservative Party; a $125 silver box from Frank Sinatra; and a $1,100 telescope from 160 Houstonians.