Cast your minds back, darlings, to that big benefit auction at the Folger Library, a month or so ago. After all the bustle was over, "X"--not his real name--fell in love with a photo pinned about. It was a shot of a snake-charming belle in diaphanous garb, a serpent coiled about her. Her act had just been auctioned off, to benefit the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop. An Oregon scribe, "O," agreed with "X": It must be a publicity shot. The smitten "X" slipped the pic under his jacket. Time passed. Dogwood blossoms fell. The Luncheon Season hit. "O," one sunny day, lunched with a chum. He met, for the first time, Sen. Sam Hayakawa's son Alan--he's off to toil for the Portland Oregonian newspaper--and Alan's wife, Cynthea. Chatter waxed, of Capitol Hill Life. Cynthea grumbled. At her last big Hill event--an auction--some wretch had snitched the only first-rate photo she possessed of her snake-charming act. "O" gagged on his egg-roll, and switched subjects. Last week, the young Hayakawas left for Oregon. Mondragon, Cynthea's python, and Topakas, her boa constrictor, coiled cozily in their traveling baskets. Next week, they will receive a plain brown envelope, and the missing pic. Conscience triumphs. It's a small world. Don't mess with a snake-lady. Ear is proud to offer so much to think about today.