The questions about the propriety in accepting a certain legal fee, and in opting for a certain tax shelter, have created difficulties for Attorney General William French Smith. But while many of his detractors (which reportedly includes "high White House officials") were hoping his recent difficulties would plunge Smith into deep, hot water, they saw, to their chagrin, that Smith landed instead in a tepid rain puddle and seems to be already drying out.

The frustration over such a trun of events must have been so unbearable to those "high White House officials" that they decided to "leak" their frustrations to the press. They complained that as the attorney general, Smith "is an embarassment" to this administration. One official was quoted as saying: "He is in over his head and has many blind spots."

This last statement does not correlate at all with Smith's chart, because his chart indicates he has an excellent mind. This makes me wonder about whose limited brain, and whose blind spots, this official was talking about. Could it be his own? His statement clearly indicates an inability to differentiate between a good mind and the personality traits. And it is this division between an excellent mind, and an affable personality, that provides the key to the understanding of the attorney general's performance.

William French Smith was born on Aug. 26, 1917 and has his Sun in Virgo. His Mercury, also in Virgo, is in excellent configuration with other planets, and endows Smith with a very good mind and with a great capacity for detail. He has a mind like a steel trap. I would not advise anyone tangling with him in court, for Smith would probably always win, quoting some obscure point of law long forgotten by everyone. The biggest error Smith's opponent could make would be to presume that Smith is "in above his head."

The attorney general's chart explains, however, why so many people seem to underestimate his intellectual potential. They do so because of his personality.

A strong Libra influence on his chart makes him affable and pleasant, conciliatory rather than combative. It makes him a man who continuously seeks balance and equanimity, rather than confrontation, showdown and strite.

His chart does not indicate a man of strong passions, but rather a man of reason who sees both sides of any issue.

So the people who would wish for an attorney general to be either a feisty defender of the rights or a fierce prosecutor of any violations, or both, will always be disappointed in the performance of William French Smith. Because of his strong Libra influence he will always try to conciliate rather than prosecute, will always try to find "the middle ground," and in the process, he may well succeed in alienating all the groups, for none will receive "justice" according to their own standards.

On a personal level, his chart indicates a strong love (with some ability) for arts, especially for music, drama and paintings. He might have made a good art critic. He is very sensitive to color and to esthetics in his surroundings, and if they are lacking, this lack may affect not only his sense of well being, but can also affect his health.

My predictions:

Strong Uranus transit began to activate his chart last year and until the middle of 1983. This transit brings lots of changes, especially in the area of home and of his current domicile. It looks as if the attorney general might be leaving this area, but not until December 1982 through March 1983. This move, however, will be due to forces beyond anyone's control. Smith should also watch his health around that time.