Oh, dear. Here's Town & Country mag's new National Eligibles list. ("Great Catches, Dream Matches, and Those Who'll Get Away.") Ear adores the local picks. Under "Looks and Lucre" come our own hunt-country belle and pal of John Warner, Rose Marie Bogley, 40s; Cateress Divine Nadine Kalashnikoff, 30s; and the Right Stuff's Alida Morgan, 30s. T & C's "Social Presences" ripe for the nuptial nest include Ellen Barry, 70s--the playwright's widow used to pal around with Fitzgerald and Hemingway, recall--Ina Ginsburg--50s, it says, and won't she be livid--and William French Smith III, 20s. (Young Bill's in La Jolla, but he's almost a Presence.) "Pols for the Plucking" include Rep. Lindy Boggs, 50s, Rep. Thomas Foglietta, 50s, whom we haven't paid nearly enough attention to; Sen. Gary Hart, 40s, (ahem, just separated, T & C,) and Rep. Fortney Stark, 50s. (We dub him Pete, and think of him as In His Prime.) Under "The Horsey Set" comes True Davis, 60s, and a lot of Middleburg people we never hear about. Ethel Kennedy and 15 relations bob up as "All In The Family" unweds; and "Living Legends" on the loose include Evangeline Bruce, 60s; Robert McNamara, 60s; Millicent Fenwick, 70s; Clare Boothe Luce, 70s; and millionaire extraordinaire Stewart Mott, 40s. (He's actually been married for two years and is happy as a clam.) Ear urges all the above, except Stewart and Gary, to marry each other. Someone must think of Future Gossip