Blond belle Lacey Neuhaus is sticking with the Media Life, Ear's pleased to hear. Lacey, recall, is model, actress ("From Here to Eternity") and pal to the likes of Pierre Trudeau, Andy Warhol, Barbara Bush and heaven knows who-all. She moved to Georgetown in early '81 to be near the Capital Action. For a while, she very quietly "interned" humbly at ABC, totally unpaid. (Daddy's a stockbroker, thank heavens. And Lacey has a flourishing little Houston real-estate biz.) Some Harsh Truths of Network Newserie were rubbed in at ABC, Ear was shocked to hear, when certain correspondents got furiously jealous over Lacey's easy access to Power People. But she and ABC parted the best of chums. Since then, there are ups and downs. The ghastly New York Post is rabbitting on about a "romance" between her and Teddy K.; Lacey turned up at Alma Viator's baby shower sporting a raggy old jogging suit, yet looking better than all the groomed-to-the-teethies in tow; and Ted Turner's Cable News Network Men are in hot pursuit of Lacey's on-the-air charms, covering Washington soirees. Watch that space. If you get cable.