Here are some established--over a year old--singles clubs in the area. (The list does not include computer dating services, suburban singles dances and church-sponsored activities listed in many singles directories.)

* Entrees, Inc.--Specializes in privately arranged, restaurant dinner parties. Membership fee, $150 per year, and about $30 (plus bar) per occasion. Appeals mostly to over-25 men and women, with income capable of sustaining the expenses. May require interview. 424-5810.

* Inner Circle--Weekly parties (ranging from cocktails to theme dinners) in hotel party rooms, restaurants, members' homes. Average age: 30s and 40s. Relaxed crowd that enjoys dancing. No membership fee, no interview required: "Ladies and gentlemen only." Sample of travel plans available: combination trip to London, Amsterdam and Paris (July 16-July 31), complete package, $859; monthly 9-day trips to Canada, weekly departures to Las Vegas. 229-2998.

* Turning Point--Open to people who can swing the $335 annual fee. Varied social activities and in-home private parties. Bulk of membership, professional men and women in 30s and 40s. Interview required. Computer dating service and cut-rate travel programs available. Examples: "Freeport Bahamas" (July 4-11), seven nights and breakfast at the Holiday Inn, $333, including transportation; seven nights in London (August), St. James's Hotel, $689, including transportation. 587-3300.