The Dells' oldies-but-goodies hits and down-home showmanship coaxed the Penthouse nightclub crowd right into their hands Thursday night. The talented vocalists entertained and satisfied the audience as they displayed the tight harmony and crisp tone that have made them a mainstay in the hearts of rhythm and blues fans for 30 years.

The highlight of the performance occurred when the Chicago-based quintet sang a striking rendition of "Stay," a Dells classic featuring the booming baritone voice of Marvin Junior and the screaming tenor of Johnny Carter.

Junior holds a note for an impressive half-minute or more toward the end of the song--a predictable feat that has nevertheless thrilled audiences for about two decades and received another resounding applause at this performance.

The background vocals of Chuck Barksdale, bass, Michael McGill, baritone, and Verne Allison, second tenor, provided depth and fluid harmony in each song, especially in "Always."

Clowning with the audience while exhibiting unfaltering form, the Dells rolled through such hits as "Standing Ovation," "Rainbow" and "I Touched a Dream," and manifested the charm that has made their act well-loved in the intimate arena of the nightclub.

The Dells' show continues at the Penthouse through tomorrow night.