Better late than never, Ear's busy being outraged about a Lee Annenberg tale of the long ago. (It's fresh from "The Annenbergs: The Salvaging of a Tainted Dynasty," John Cooney's soothing new bio. Ear thinks he began rustling it up when Lee was chief of protocol. Don't we all miss the Curtsy Uproar, these Royal days?) When Walter and Lee met, John reminds us, she was wed to liquor king Lewis Rosenstiel. Lewis rudely had her followed, and her phone chats taped. He got quite sticky about a divorce. Worse, he "apparently hired Ben Javits, the brother of New York Senator Jacob Javits, to try to uncover unsavory facts" about Walter. (Isn't it a tiny world?) "Look, tell Rosenstiel that I'm keeping three women at a certain hotel downtown," Walter told a pal to tell Javits. "Javits did, and I heard he eventually got $75,000 out of Rosenstiel for his snooping," Walter told Cooney. And with the Split, Lee's mate made her leave behind every single rag of clothes and dab of jewelry she'd owned. Poor Lee had to race out to Bergdorf's to buy her leaving-home outfit, charge it to Walter, and then, says the book, get searched on the way out in case she'd tucked a bijou in a pocket. It all happened 30 years ago, but it still makes Ear mad. Friday: All the good stuff that should have gone in today.