Women are playing into the "nothing-without-a-man myth," says psychologist Penelope Russianoff, if they indulge in a great deal of:

* Window Sitting: Staring out the window, watching bad TV shows--anything to fritter away time until he comes home.

* Method Acting: Arranging a welcome-home scenario to disguise the window sitting. For example, rushing into position so he'll find her immersed in a bubblebath or asleep with a book (such as Being & Nothingness). Or laughing into the phone and informing the dial tone, "Oh! Here he is! Gotta go!"

* Plotting Revenge: Spending the evening making ultimatums like, "If he doesn't get here by the time I get to page 100 in this book, I'm spending the night at Mary's. I won't even leave him a note. Let him worry about where I am for a change!"

* Phoney Business: Taking the phone off the hook or not answering it to assure him that she's far too preoccupied to be worrying about whether he'll call. He might even become worried--which serves him right!

* Wine and Song: Playing a personal soundtrack of "music to weep by."

* Twenty Questions: Asking loaded questions to bolster a sagging self-image such as, "Do you love me?" "Do you still love me?" "Do you love me as much as when we first met?" "Why do you love me exactly," etc.