From an astrological point of view, the unpleasant events of the past week can be easily explained. Moreover, those events were quite predictable. And yet, a fundamental question remains: If an event can be predicted, can it also be averted?

Planet Mercury was governing a series of lesser mishaps. It turned retrograde on May 20, 1982, and is remaining in this apparent retrograde motion until June 13, when it turns direct at 7:30 p.m.

Mercury is the planet that rules all communications (among many other things). And for some reason, during the periods of retrograde Mercury, all communications go awry. Messages are lost, misplaced or forgotten; letters (or enclosures) are wrongly sent or lost; phones, radios, TVs tend to go "on the blink," etc.

It also has been observed that the period of retrograde Mercury is only propitious for finishing or for pursuing projects that had already begun; and, conversely, one should never begin projects under that aspect because they do not turn out as planned -one can be sure something will change.

And so, when U.N. Amabassador Kirkpatrick received the correct message, but a few minute too late, causing her to "flipflop" on the U.N. vote, it should have been expected. It was typical of retrograde Mercury. And while there might well be sharp differences between Kirkpatrick and Alexander Haig (their charts are not very compatible), I would not ascribe any particular deep meaning to this mistiming of messages. (By the way, the months of July and August and the first half of September may be very nerve-racking for Haig. His chart will be under a great deal of stress, and he sould watch his health at that time.)

President Reagan's adherence to the social code rather than to protocol (when he urged his wife to move ahead) also can he ascribed directly to Mercury retrograde -a miscommunication between himself and hes chief of protocol.

And finally, since President Reagan began this European journey under retrograde Mercury, this trip did not turn ut as hoped. It became overshadowed by the eruption of hostilities in the Middle East that have been stealing the president's headlines.

But even though Mercury retrograde should not be blamed for Israel's invasion of Lebanon, Prime Minister Begin did start this "project" under that aspect, and in the end his invasion will not turn out as planned.

The inexorable movement of other planets, exerting their pressure on the charts of Begin, Mubarak, Arafat and Reagan, and of other Middle East leaders, has been a gathering storm for quite a while. In fact, in my columns of Nov. 2, 1981, and May 2 and 9, 1982, I said ". . . With the karmic links between Reagan's, Mubarak's an Arafat's charts, some solution eithe will be found or it will be forced." (It will be found now or forced between late fall of 1983 and the summer of 1984.) Very important days this year, which may indicate which direction the wid is blowing, will be from June 6 through 30.

And in my column of March 21, 1982, I said: "The specter of military intervention begins to loom on the horizon (beginning in May), but it points much more to the Middle East than to South America. The chart of Khomeini is on the line by the late fall (or before), the chart of Israel is also on the line (May-June) and there is a very strong possibility of some hostile action against us in 1983."

Unfortunately, those predicitons came true (Israel began the invasion of June 6). For this accuracy, I can be grateful to Begin's intransigent chart with its "tunnel vision" that, if he is not careful, could bring about the downfall of his country. All my calculations were based on his chart because charts like that are totally predictable; they never change, expand or accomodate. All that is necassary is to push a certain button (planetary pressure points), and one gets an identical response.

And so we are left with the question: If those events were predictable, could they have been averted? The answer is "probably, yes." The options for communications and negotiations were present on the charts of all the leaders (including Begin's chart); but in order to pick up options, the charts must show some flexibility. Since Begin was the only one with an inflexible chart, I used his chart for my calculations, and since I was incorrect in my dismissal of hostilities for South America, I was hoping that I might be in error in my assessment of Begin's chart.

But alas, it was military action and not negotiations that Begin began on June 6, which means we might well be dragged into a full-fledged war at the end of 19831984.