Good luck finding a UHF TV loop antenna in Washington this week. Rabbit ears, no problem; but UHF loops are the hot ticket in town, providing entry to the World Cup Soccer games that are being broadcast live here on Channel 56.

Bob Kennedy of Radio Shack says the company's 30 Washington-area stores sold six or seven thousand of the $7.95 items over the weekend. "We just can't get any more," he says. "Everybody wants 'em to watch the soccer games. I can't tell you why this particular antenna does the trick, but it works."

At Sears, Beverly Dyer says the TV department has been doing a booming business in $29.95 UHF antennas, with one slight problem.

"People come in and buy our antenna to clear up the reception on Channel 56," she says. "We tell them that it won't work. But they buy them anyway. They take them home and then they bring them back. We've been telling people the only ones that work are at Radio Shack, but they don't have any more."

All is not lost, however, if you can't locate a loop. Some of the games are available on the ESPN cable network.