Paul Albert's studio, a four-car garage in the alley behind his apartment, houses a monumental figure carved of foam plastic. "Connecticut," an American Indian whose head is 10 feet high and whose elbows are 25 feet apart, is scheduled to be molded in glass fiber and mounted next October as though he's climbing over the parapet above Sherry's Liquor store at Connecticut Avenue and Calvert Street.

"He'll look serious, but not menacing," Albert said. "This weekend the work's at an exciting stage because the face, head and arms are done."

The public is invited to watch over Albert's shoulder, Friday through Sunday, as part of Open Studio '82. Twenty-two uptown studios will be open to the curious in what's become an annual do-it-yourself tour, sponsored by the C&P Telephone Company and Washington Project for the Arts. Additionally, 16 downtown studios will be open Saturday and again June 25 through 27.

A related show, simultaneously at D.C. Space, 443 Seventh Street NW, and Colorfax Gallery, 5634 Connecticut Avenue NW, documents artists in their spaces. "Open Studios '82 -- An Exhibition," features photographs by Gary Griffin and Karen Ruckman of more than 20 local artists and interviews compiled by John Armstrong, Marie Giblin and Terri Humphrey. They continue through July 17.

The studios: UPTOWN Friday through Sunday, noon to 6, except as noted:

1. Jackson School, R & Avon Streets between 30th and 31st, Patricia Helsing painting.

2. 4815 V Street. Ansley Wallace painting.

3. 4120 Harrison Street, Gene Davis painting, Saturday only.

4. 2800 Ontario Road, Apt. 501, M.L. Riley painting.

5. 2846 27th Street, alley entrance, Paul Albert sculpture.

6. 1734 Connecticut Avenue, No. 2, Michael Gessner sculpture.

7. 1730 21st Street, Mark Clark painting.

9. 2629 Connecticut Avenue, Erwin Lachman painting.

10. 2625 Connecticut Avenue, 3rd Floor, William Christenberry photography, sculpture, Saturday only.

11. 1713 Kilbourne Place, Sylvia Wederath painting.

12. 1824 Lamont Street, B Michael Kopald Chinese brush painting, Steven Roberts silkscreen.

13. 1736 Columbia Road, Beverly Court, No. 303, Ruth Stenstrom painting/silkscreen.

14. 2424 18th Street, rear, Larry Kantor neon projects, Saal Fiorito stained glass/sculpture.

15. 2003 Kalorama Road, Leon Berkowitz painting, Saturday only.

16. 2501 Q Street, No. 325, Susan Powell.

17. 2031 O Street, Mary Pipkin painting, Betsy Packard sculpture, Anne Marchand painting, Robyn Krauthammer oil painting/Chinese watercolors, Steven Foster mixed media, Leslie Reese sculpture, Teri Phillips painting/collage.

18. 1749, rear Carriage House, Jocelyn Ball oil painting/watercolor.

19. 1801 16th Street, Patricia Buck drawings/painting, Friday and Sunday.

20. 1762 U Street, No. 1, Kimberly Lund.

21. 1421 U Street, Sam Gilliam painting, Rockne Krebs sculpture, Saturday only.

22. 1417 T Street, rear, Alex Mayer sculpture, Saturday only. DOWNT WN Saturday, plus June 25 through 27, noon to 6.

23. Zenith Square: 1441 Rear Rhode Island Avenue, Margery Goldberg. 1443 Rhode Island Avenue, Charlie Fary, metalsmith, June 18 and 19 only. 1445 Rhode Island Avenue, Chas Colburn Chalco Metal Works, Terry Lewis penthouse custom design/woodworking, Diane Macchiavelli fiber art/restoration. 1449 Rhode Island Avenue Michael Schwartz creative metal works.

24. 1357 F Street Patricia Molella video/multi-media.

25. 1337 10th Street, Yvonne Pickering Carter watercolor/acrylic/mixed media.

26. 930 F Street Atlantic Building, No. 301, Sherry Kasten acrylic, No. 401 Nancy Balle/John Greenwald, No. 419 Harriet Werfel Lesser painting/drawing/resin sculpture, No. 800 Eddie Owen photographer. 923 F Street, Amy Jackson painting, Gayil Nalls painting.

27. 810-812 F Street Ledroit Building, No. 205 Joyce Kolb painting, No. 208 Arlette Jassel painting, No. 303 J. A. Sempliner painting/collage, No. 105 Shelly Wischhusen oil on canvas and paper, No. 304 Hija Lee Yu painting.

28. 527 Ninth Street Atlas Building No. 203 Tim Beard oil painting, June 19 and 20 only. No. 206 Jacqueline Shaffer painting, No. 302 Dolores Milmoe painting, No. 303 Donald Davidson painting, No. 304 C. Batza, No. 305 Maria Velez photography/sculpture, June 26, noon to 4 only. No. 306, Sally Wallaace drawing/sculpture, No. 310 Rhoda Bates; No. 401 Yuriko Yamaguchi wood, No. 403 Wendy Kaye, No. 411 Ken Bernstein oil painting, No. 503 Maty Ortner oil painting, No. 506 Rex Weil, No. 507 Roberta Ain gouache/oil/collage/etc., No. 604 Patrick Craig, Tony Serio figure/still life.

29. 711 I Street, Renee Butler sculpture, Lenore Winters painting.

30. 57 N Street, Faith Bubois water/acrylic, Steven Cushner painting, Judy Miller sculpture/drawing, Henry Leo Schoebel painting, Keith Morrison painting, Joseph Ferraioli sculpture, Ann Stoddard sculpture, Jeff Spaulding sculpture.

31. 52 O Street, Nan Montgomery paainting, Eric Rudd polyurethane foam/mixed media, June 26 only. Alice Lees, drawing, Nade Haley sculpture installation, Elizabeth Falk bronze and stone sculpture, Helene-Jackovich Case ceramic sculpture, James McCrea painting.

32. 60 O Street, Larry Harden acrylic on canvas and paper, Walter Kravitz painting/installations, W.C. Richardson painting, Michael Smallwood painting/printmaking, Patrice Kehoe painting.

33. 411 New York Avenue NE. B. Martin Johnson painting/drawing; 2nd floor Judith Pratt painting/drawing/construction, Kathy Galley painting, Nancy Muller, Carolyn Orner, Mia Halton.

34. 1215 Lawrence Street NE. Martha Jackson- Jarvis sculpture.

35. 903 Girard Street NE. Rexford Brown ceramic sculpture, Jim Sanborn sculpture, Tish Carter dance, Marilyn Mahoney painting.

36. 111 Quincy Place NE. Suzanne Codi/Charlie Sleichter sculpture.

37. 805 Channing Place NE. Nizette Brennan sculpture.

38. 513 10th Street SE. Cynthia Milloy/Mary Frank.