On March 10, 1982, California Gov. Jerry Brown announced his candidacy for the U.S Senate seat vacated by S.I. Hayakawa. Jerry Brown emerged victorious from the recent Democratic primary and will face San Diego's Pete Wilson on Nov. 2.

On Sept. 2, 1979, I wrote: "Jerry Brown was born on April 7, 1938, and has his Sun in Aries. His planetary patterns are indicative of a very complex man, whose intellectual drive, emotions and personality are often at variance with one another.

"Much of his chart is fun and games . . . There is nothing devious, underhanded or wishy-washy on his chart, and the oft-heard accusation that he is weak--because he changes his mind--is quite unfair. There is nothing weak or wishy-washy about Aries--foolhardy and impatient maybe, but never weak. An Aries marches right in where angels fear to tread, and if he has a hard time getting out of what he got himself into, there's usually somebody to bail him out.

"There is also nothing wishy-washy about the strong Taurian influence on Jerry Brown's chart (he has Venus, Mercury, Uranus and Mars all conjoined in Taurus) . . . so when he changes his mind, it is only his ideas that change, not his stubbornness . . .

"The key to Jerry Brown's chart lies in his love of paradox. He likes to startle people, to throw a curve, not out of meanness or desire to embarrass, or hurt, but rather to amuse, to shock or stun. He likes to show off his mind and he likes to see himself as an intellectual catalyst, as a man who makes people think.

" . . . The strong aspects I associate with running for office come in 1981, 1982 . . . "

And so, 1982 has arrived and with it the strong aspects on Jerry Brown's chart. Moreover, those aspects are much stronger than the aspects on his opponent's chart.

Wilson's chart, while natally strong and well-balanced, does not receive much help from the stars. I believe that Jerry Brown will win the Senate seat, but with one reservation.

The current aspects on Brown's chart emphasize and point to the planet Uranus as being in the driver's seat. And when Uranus begins to run your life, one should be prepared for the unexpected, either very good or very bad.

And with Uranus driving the chart, the only thing that one can predict is that the election will be unpredictable--Jerry Brown will either win with an unexpected majority, or with the smallest of margins; or there will be a sudden switch at they very last moment; or the results might be reversed (counting of absentee ballots, etc.).

Uranus portends events that are outside of anyone's control. And thus Jerry Brown might have to drop out of the race, or his opponent might. There could be a sudden switch in public opinion.

All in all, I think Jerry Brown will win, but with Uranus so strong in the picture I expect something to happen at the very end of his campaign, such as a sudden reversal of a trend due to some event totally beyond the control of the candidate. And it might be the Republicans who are in for a big suprise.