SEA LION TRAINING, Friday, 10, The National Zoo, Connecticut Avenue, Washington D.C. NW. Watch a Zoo keeper train sea lions and explain all about these aquatic creatures.

DIGGING UP THE PAST," Saturday, 10 to 3, E.C. Lawrence Park in Centerville, Va. Come and try excavting an area that is rich with civil war artifacts. Call 941-5008.

MILLING IN ROCK CREEK, Saturday, 11, at Peirce Mill in Rock Creek. During the 19th century there were eight mills in the Rock Creek area supplying grain. Join a ranger to learn more about this old industry. Call 426-6829.

POND LIFE, Saturday, at 2, at Prince William Forest Park, Va. Join a park ranger for a field trip to observe ponds made by beavers. Call (703)-221-2104.

ENDANGERED SPECIES, Saturday, 8:30 to 9:30 p.m., at Burke Lake's outside amphitheater in Annandale. Biologist Dan James will present a slide show on Virginia's endangered species. The Delmarva Fox Squirrel and the Carpenter Frog will be among the animals discussed. Call 941-5008. Park, Virginia Nature Center. A fim and talk will be given about honey bees and other types of bees. Hives and bee equipment will be shown. Call (703)-221-2104.

FARM VISITATION, Sunday, 1 to 5, at 20 participating "Welcome Farms" in eight Maryland counties. Children Can experience the opportunity to "touch and see" with calves, colts, kids, lambs, and piglets. Call (301) 454-3712 or 454-4064.

HERB DAY, Sunday, 1 to 4, at the National Colonial Farm directly across the Potomac River from Mount Vernon. Methods used in the 18th century of farming and harvesting herbs such as tobacco, will be explained. Call 283-2113.

SLIDE SHOW, Monday, 7:30, Civic Center Cottage, City of Rockville. Joe Howard will show wildflower slides he has taken in and around Washington. Call 424-8000, ext. 334, stories. For ages four to eight with parents. Bring a lunch. Free. Call 262-7000.

MAKE AN 18TH CENTURY MUSICIAL INSTRUMENT, Sunday, 2 to 4, at Clara Barton National Historic Site, 5801 Oxford Rd., Glen Echo. What kind of music did the children in the 18th century listen to without the aid of radios or stereos? They often created their own on homemade instrumentst. See and try your own hand at making a Turn-of-the Century instrument. Call 492-6245.

MONDAY MORNING MAGIC, Monday, 10:45 to 11:15, at Bowie Library in Maryland. Children from 2 to 5 can enjoy filmstrip and musical activities. "Little Toot;" "The Miller, His Son, and Their Donkey;" "Peter's Chair." Call 262-7000.

FILM SPECIAL "BORN FREE," Tuesday, at 2, Beltsville Library in Maryland. Ages 6 to 12 are welcome to come this movie about a lioness named Elsa. Call 937-0294.

PUPPET MAKING WORKSHOP, Tuesday, 2 to 3, Greenbelt Library in Maryland. Call 345-5800.

LIBRARY THEATER, Wednesday, 9:30, Landsburgh Cultural Center, 420 7th St., N.W. Actors, puppets, and music bring the brothers Grimm alive. Call 737-4800.

SNAKES, Wednesday, 8:30 to 9:30 p.m., at Burke Lake's Amphitheater in Annandale. After meeting face to face with a six foot boa constrictor, snake enthusiast, John Letteri, will present a variety of live snakes from his personal collection. Call 941-5008.

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