President Reagan announced the resignation of Alexander Haig and the announcement "scooped" the opening lines of this column.

A fortnight ago I wrote that the June 21 eclipse falls with drastic force on the chart of Haig, causing sudden changes. The changes came even more quickly than I expected.

But his chart was only the first among many that are being affected by the eclipses of June 21, July 6 and July 20. The eclipses fall on the charts of President and Mrs. Reagan, Ed Meese, Michael Deaver, Barbara Bush, Caspar Weinberger, William Clark and James Baker (if born early in the morning), Howard Baker, Thomas (Tip) O'Neill and Maureen Reagan.

In any other country, such an astrological picture would certainly indicate a putsch, especially with the chart of Vice President Bush suddenly coming to the fore, but in this country it can mean one of three things:

1. A complete shake-up in the Cabinet, one of the warring factions victorious, bringing about a total change in direction for this administration.

2. Since the eclipses fall rather ominously on the charts of President and Mrs. Reagan (including the chart of his daughter Maureen) they bode danger to the president and his wife.

Those aspects are very strong during July, especially during the last few days of July, and they abate somewhat after the middle of August.

3. Since the eclipses also fall on the charts of the USA, Israel and Begin, it can indicate that all of the aforementioned people are drawn to the fore by the warin Lebanon.

This third possibility is very reall unless we somehow disengage ourselves from the Lebanon invasion chart (cast for June 6, 11 a.m. Jerusalem), a chart that starts with a bang and ends in a whimper. This chart is reminiscent of the chart for the American Civil War, where the Confederacy was initially successfully, but ultimately the Union won.

This Lebanon attack chart indicates that Israel, after initial success, runs into strong opposition not only from foreign (far away) countries, but also from within its own population. Saturn retrogrades on this chart, presaging an attrition of funds, a drain on Israel's recourses, and defeat.

On the other hand, the PLO (ruled by Jupiter and Neptune), after initial abandonment (both planets retrograde with no aspects), begins to receive help from neighboring countries, including substantial wealth and recognition, and ending with the return to their own land (Neptune in the fourth). As impossible as this interpretation of this chart seemed to be on the beginning of June, the passage of time is proving it to be correct; and if we are not careful, we are going to find ourselves in the middle of a religious war that is brewing for the end of 1983-84.

Is there anything that we can do to save Israel from disintegration and avoid walking into a quagmire?

There is. With the eclipse falling on the planet ruling our armed forces, we can refuse to furnish replacements for the Israeli occupying forces (they may ask for it by the end of July or August). Since the eclipse also falls on Begin's chart on July 6th,, it may mean that Begin or his cabinet cease to exist within two months.

Astrological Postscript: The shuttle took off on Void of Course Moon -- and the Moon was also on the degree of eclipse. This does not bode well for this flight; one hopes it will only be aborted and land sooner than expected or it will not deliver the data it is supposed to deliver, without crashing down.