Concert footage of John Davidson isn't likely to show up on "That's Incredible!" anytime soon. But if "That's Mediocre!" ever debuts, look out.

Backed by his own combo and an orchestra of area musicians, Davidson bounded on stage at Wolf Trap Saturday night wearing a white pullover, tight pants and the famous dimpled smile. Not content to just sing a song, he pulled out all the stops--or props. He cracked a bullwhip. He beat a bass drum. He strummed a banjo. He sang to a grandmother in the audience. He even indulged in a little not-so-incredible magic. He almost out-Wayne Newtoned Wayne Newton, and all to little avail.

Throughout, his ballads were marked by a kind of empty bravado and his rock tunes--well, there ought to be a law protecting Elvis and Little Richard from such glib treatment.

Though Davidson didn't return for an encore--there wasn't much of a demand for it from the sparse, mildly appreciative crowd--his show was riddled with false endings that presumably were intended to create some kind of rousing climax. Ironically, when he finally did leave the stage, it was to the accompaniment of Paul Simon's "Gone at Last." -