"Cat People" and "The Thing" notwithstanding, old horror movies aren't the only films being remade these days. Jean-Luc Godard's ground-breaking debut film "Breathless" is also being readied for a second shooting. Of course, there will be lots of new wrinkles in the 1960 film that put Godard at the forefront of the French New Wave: For one thing, the first time around Godard improvised the plot, which clearly won't be necessary, or even possible, in 1982. The original "Breathless" starred Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg; while the female lead isn't set in the new version, the role of a small-time hood will be played by Richard Gere, who will be spending his time on the set in Los Angeles, particularly the UCLA campus. Gere's next film, incidentally, was also set on a campus: the military school/boot camp in Seattle that served as the setting for "An Officer and a Gentleman," the upcoming drama in which he co-stars with Debra Winger. Paramount has high hopes for that film, which has been garnering generally good advance word, although many viewers have found it curiously dated (Winger plays one of a group of local girls who hope to win themselves an officer husband and escape the local factory by becoming pregnant). The word is that Winger, in fact, bad-mouthed the film herself on some off-the-record occasions, though she stopped talking about it some time ago to get to work on the contemporary mystery "Mike's Murder."