Barnee Breeskin -- the card who tosses D.C's Saints-and-Sinners roasts -- has never had a lick of trouble lining up roastees. But last Friday, one buzzed him from the West. "Look, I'd love to," sighed he. "But, honestly, I can't. I did the Friar's Club once. When I had to stand up in front of all those people, gee, my legs just buckled with fright." Darlings, it was Cary Grant. Ear's even more enchante than usual.

PITCH . . . The hatchet's buried, Ear hears, between the ICA and Phil Nicolaides. (Remember Phil? Elbowed out of the ICA's Voice of America early this year? Thought that the Informational Arm Abroad should dish Pushier Propaganda on the Rightish Side?) The man who shuttled softly between ICAmeister Charles Wick and Phil, and patched things up so prettily: Roy Cohn everybody's favorite hardball lawyer. Now, Phil's launched his spanking-new World News Institute, to give Cable tevee red-hot International News, from the Right Point of View.) And Phil will lend a hand to ICA's Wick, "informally, as a friend," on the Propaganda Push."It's so much easier to get things done Outside than Inside," he cackles. Really, the Gossip Industry is much the same.