Wel. The great Bohemian Club of San Francisco's annual frolic, the "world's most elegant stag summer camp" swings into action tomorrow. More than 2,000 merry macho members will pile out to the 2,700-acre Bohemian Grove over the next three weeks, each to his predestined niche. (Richard Nixon belongs to the Club's "Cave Man" Camp, for starters. George Shultz, the new StateSec, we hope, is part of the swanky Mandalay corps, just like Jerry Ford. Ronald Reagan, when there, roosts with the fraternity called the Owls' Nest. Aren't you jealous already?) Members will sport pointy-topped red capes for the big kickoff "Cremation of Care" Druidic chant and ceremony. Gossip goes that West Germany's Helmut Schmidt will toddle in for a spell of rusticating this go-round, but that Ronald Reagan and George Bush won't. Frosh include Charlie Black, Shirley Temple Black's son and a one-time White Houser here. (Daddy was a member, you see, and so was Grandpa.) The club's Official Motto is "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here," which means "No Lobbying, Please" in Shakespearean. The Unofficial Motto is "No Women, Ever, Not Even to Wait Tables," because some members, like former Guv Pat Brown, like to toddle around in the nude. Ear would not wish to wait tables there.