Trumpets, please, for Betty Switkes, a Chevy Chaser who's raced off and written a book called "Senior-Cize: Exercises and Dances in a Chair." It tells how to work out, tho' elderly, while perched on your porch guzzling mint juleps and playing your trombone. (Ear, actually, added the juleps and trombone. It likes to stay in Tune With The Times) . . . Toot the horn for Cara Saylor Polk, blissful bride of NBC's Heavy Newser James Polk. She's tossed off a novel called "Her Mother's Daughter," all about "the glamorous widow of a beloved American president and her conflict with her strongwilled and talented daughter." Nobody we know, surely . . . Strike up the band for Laura Foreman, ex-ace scribe of the Philadelphia Inquirer and New York Times, elbowed out after a fur-coat fuss, and now cozily wed to beau Buddy Cianfrani. She's just ghosted a diet book . . . And beat the drum slowly for Jo Anne Casperson, Out as buffer of the First Nails, after a tad too much ink-and-tube-talk. (It's perfectly kosher to warble to Ear, of course. But Ear hears murmurs of tales trotted out for one of the Naughtier Tabloids.) And now, Ear hereby declares the Gossip Season closed, 'til September. Au 'voir, Earwigs.