"Pockets of cool" exist throughout the Capital Sweatbox. Among them:

The National Gallery of Art is kept at 70 degrees with 50 percent humidity. (For added cool, gaze at "The Boating Party" by Mary Cassatt or "Winter Harmony" by John H. Twachtman.)

Giant Food's older stores can get down as low as 50 degrees near the frozen food cases. Newer and remodeled Giants have an energy-efficiency system that keeps store-wide temperatures in the low 70s.

* The City Morgue in the D.C. Medical Examiner's office in Southeast is a cool 32 degrees.

* The Catacombs at the Franciscan Monestary in Northeast are "plenty cool" says one of the guides who takes visitors on daily tours.

* Vaults at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing keep cash cool at 70 degrees.

* The National Museum of Natural History offers an artic ambiance at its special exhibit on eskimo culture.

* Several ice rinks stay open year round--among them, the Lake Forest Ice Arena in Gaithersburg (about 50 degrees), the Fairfax Ice Arena (about 60 degrees).

* NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center keeps its computer facility at around 71 degrees with about 45 percent humidity.

* The Library of Congress stacks are kept at about 65 percent degrees with 45 percent humidity. The reading room is about 70 degrees.

* The National Aquarium in the main Commerce Department building in Northwest keeps its trout in 50 degree water and its people in 72 degree air.