Exercising on a hot, humid day can be an invitation to heatstroke. If it's too hot to trot--but you feel guilty about skipping your daily workout--here's a cool exercise routine you can do indoors:

1. The Fridge Flex. Stand in your kitchen about two feet from the refrigerator. Slowly stretch out your right arm and grasp the handle. Keeping both feet on the floor, flex your arm until the door opens. Lean forward and let the cool air rush onto your face. Bend both knees and reach back to the bottom shelf to grab a cold drink.

2. The Pop-Top Index Curl. Holding an aluminum can in one hand, stretch out the index finger of the opposite hand and slide the finger tip under the pop-top. Gently pull up--keeping finger curled--until the top lifts off. Raise hand to mouth and drink liquid. Repeat if necessary.

3. The Lounge Lizard. Place the back of your legs next to the most comfortable chair you own. Slowly bend your knees and lower your body down until your bottom touches the seat. Lightly hold armrests and lean back. Relax all muscles and move only in case of emergency (such as refilling your drink).

4. The TV Wrist Flick. From a seated position within arm's length of the television, stretch one arm forward and grasp the dial. Keeping elbow slightly bent and fingers firm, twist wrist slowly. Kept turning until you hit a M*A*S*H rerun.