Friday the 13th is notoriously a day for bad luck. But three popular authors say you might cultivate good luck if you:

* Establish a network of friendly contacts. The more friends you have, the greater number of opportunities.

* Take risks. Fortune favors the bold.

* Are prepared. Have your skills ready to capitalize on an opportunity.

* Know when to bail out of a bad situation. Whether it's a love affair or a stock-market gamble, the lucky person may be the one who suffers slightly while others are devastated. The lucky person also learns from mistakes.

* Respect hunches. Listen to your intuition and have confidence in "gut feelings" even if others are skeptical.

* Acknowledge serendipity. Instead of regarding an accident as irrelevant, look for the possibility that it may present an opportunity.

* Recognize opportunity. Most don't come labeled "Big Break." Take off the blinders about the way things should happen, and be open to new possibilities.

* Don't fall into the justice trap. Life isn't fair. Those who expect it to be often become immobilized when life shortchanges them.

* Don't depend on luck. Be aware that fate is fickle, and have a backup plan in case things don't work out.