1. Pain causes me to leave the table before others are finished eating.

2. Pain makes me irritable.

3. When I wake up in the morning I dread the start of a new day.

4. I am likely to lose patience with problems that can't be easily solved.

5. I find it hard to be objective and realistic.

6. Drinking alcohol makes my pain less burdensome.

7. I fail to get my exercise during the course of the day.

8. Entertaining friends increases my pain discomfort.

9. When I visit the doctor, pain is my usual complaint.

10. I use narcotic pain relievers.

11. Sexual relations are difficult and tense.

12. When I am hurting, I want to be left alone.

13. My children find me grouchy.

14. Friends avoid asking me about my pain.

15. I take more than 10 pills a day.

16. I have sexual relations less than once a week.

17. I frequently call in sick to my job.

18. Life's problems seem to pile up.

19. I will leave a movie or show early because of physical discomfort.

20. I have the feeling that my husband/wife is not as close to me as he/she once was. Answer key

1 -- Frequently

2 -- Occasionally

3 -- Hardly ever Score

Less than 30 -- Major stress

30-45 -- Moderate stress

More than 45 -- Little effect From the book, Pain Control, the Bethesda Program