Sometime late Friday night, the last set of skinned knees and the last pair of scuffed sneakers clambered off the last bus. Eight weeks of camp is finished, and the 1,100 campers you helped send there are all home now. Our Send a Kid to Camp campaign for 1982 is history.

But we can't let it slip into the annals of the past without a final accounting, and a word of thanks.

Not only did we reach our goal of $100,000 over the July 4 weekend, right on schedule, but we surpassed it by a healthy margin in the weeks that followed. As of last week, you readers had contributed $119,544.

That is about $50,000 more than the campaign averaged in each of the previous five years, and it's about $20,000 more than we needed to send all 1,100 kids to camp this summer.

The extra 20 grand goes into a nest-egg fund for next summer. We'll be knocking on your door again at that time, of course, but it'll be a lot less hard on the knuckles to have a cushion.

Finally, there's one misapprehension I want to clear up. It has to do with the words "thank you."

Many campers thought I should be on the receiving end of that phrase. They mailed me thank-you notes by the score. Typical was one from 9-year-old Folake Ogundele:

"Dear Bob Levey I am thanking you for rizing the money for me I love you signed."

Your aim is off, Folake. Way off. More than 2,500 contributors deserve your kind words, not the scribe who happened to open the envelopes.

May I deflect your thanks in their direction? And add my own?