Blood and guts nudged out heartwarming science fiction last weekend as "Friday the 13th -- Part III" became the country's biggest moneymaker in the three days following its opening on, of course, Friday the 13th. Predictably, most critics hated the third of the deranged lakeside killer films, which this time around was shot in 3-D ("length, width and depth," explained Daily Variety, "with no corresponding need for intelligence, taste or common sense"). Not so predictably, the film far outdistanced its two predecessors to take in more than $9.4 million . . . but if "E.T." slipped into second place and only picked up $8.3 million, it has nothing to worry about. Sometime Saturday night, reaching $140 million, the film reportedly passed "The Empire Strikes Back" and jumped into second place on the list of all-time top rental moneymakers behind only "Star Wars." In grosses, however, "E.T." has made almost $203 million, which is still about $23 million shy of even the fifth-place "Raiders of the Lost Ark." It has managed to pass such bigger grossers as "Raiders" on the rental tally simply because it made its money so fast -- in the early weeks of engagements, the terms are more favorable for the distributors and the rental money piles up faster