Blotto puts on a good show. Last night at Desperado's, the Albany-based quintet told jokes, pulled funny faces and sang nice, hummable little tunes. What more could a body ask for? Indeed.

They opened up with a few familiar numbers, "The 'B' Side" and "Too Much Fun," to warm up the audience before launching into material from their forthcoming album. They needn't have bothered.

Blotto's songs are all of a piece. They're supposed to be hilarious. They've taken a few obvious rock cliche's and tacked on slightly incongruous lyrics; they've turned a few obvious images on their ears. "It's Not You" describes being taken home to meet the folks and discovering that they're all crude buffoons. "I Wanna Be a Lifeguard" and "We Are the Nutones" were hung on similar cheap-shot gags.

This was good for chuckles for a while. But eventually the band's charm began to wear thin.

The essence of humor is surprise, the revealing of unexpected angles. Blotto's targets were too easy; their attacks on them were on too predictable a basis. All this revealed was the band's contempt for people no more shallow or silly than themselves.