The Los Angeles Board of County Supervisors recently requested an investigation into Marilyn Monroe's death. Her death 20 years ago was ruled a suicide from an overdose of drugs. Recently, however, an aide to the former coroner said he was coerced into signing Monroe's death certificate, and that her diary had mysteriously disappeared two days after it was brought in.

In addition, Milo Speriglio, a private investigator, offered a $10,000 dollar reward for that diary, claiming it will prove his theory that she was "murdered by a dissident faction of the CIA" because of the secrets revealed to her by Robert Kennedy. Speriglio claims that Monroe threatened to reveal those secrets after Robert Kennedy refused to marry her.

And so it might be interesting to see whether Monroe's and Kennedy's charts support or refute that theory, either completely or partially.

Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1, 1926, and had her sun in Gemini. The person that emerges from her chart does not correlate well with her publicity, and her ardent fans may find this column disappointing.

Her chart indicates she was a nice person with some acting ability, although it lacks the ingredients that are indicative of talent (strong dynamics, depth of perception, a capacity to learn and grow, self-discipline).

Her chart indicates a person who is fairly optimistic but with a childlike naivete', a child who lives in an imaginary world where daddies always bring sugar plums. It is this naivete' that ultimately led to her death.

This chart does not support the stories that were written about her that she hated to be admired just for her body. It indicates she enjoyed showing off her body and liked the attention and admiration.

With the drama aspects on her chart, the frustration might have come from that area. She might have wished to be a great dramatic actress, but unfortunately, her self-discipline was not constant. It came in spurts, where over-optimism gave way to self-doubt, fear and despondency.

Those swings of feelings on a very strong and dynamic chart could indicate suicidal tendencies, but her chart, because of its childish quality, supports only the act of "playing at" suicide. In fact, this is really a chart of a 10-year-old who is playing at "being grown up."

Marilyn Monroe depended too much on other people's resources rather than on her own (both emotionally and financially), and because of that, she was always disappointed; she expected too much, and the reality of life would always break up her childlike fantasies.

At the time of her death, her chart indicates that she was very much in love with someone, and it was definitely a "hidden" love affair. Since her "in love" aspects coincide with the passing aspects on Kennedy's chart (born Nov. 20, 1925, with Sun in Scorpio), he might well have been this "hidden love affair," (unless there was another man in her life, whose chart was more closely tied with hers).

Had she lived, and Robert Kennedy was the "hidden love," he would have broken off with her anyway (within six months at the latest) and for many reasons: 1) their natal charts had hardly any links and were quite incompatible; 2) his passing aspects were "abandoning" her chart; 3) his passing aspects did not indicate any "in love" bit, but a pure sexual attraction. And when we add to it a rather cold, ambitious and ruthless tenor of his own chart, we can assume that when he was "through, he was through."

The notion that Kennedy would have revealed any CIA secrets (or any secrets) to her is laughable. I doubt if they ever talked very much in the first place, and secondly, with his chart, his "pillow talk" was probably minimal.

But Monroe was very, very much in love, and her chart is full of fantasies about a happy marriage. All her aspects point to "marrying thought," with the attendant heartbreak, since the cold reality of Saturn is about to destroy her wishful thinking.

Her chart also deals with the encroaching reality of life in a childish way: From playing "at marriage" we switch to playing "at suicide."

This playing "at suicide," however, is not motivated by either anger or vengeance. Her chart does not have any of those ingredients. It is more that of a pouting 10-year-old, who thinks: "If I get sick, he will understand how much I care, and he will come back and never do this to me again." Her chart is not sufficiently despondent, at this time, to be suicidal and neither is her natal chart.

But something went wrong. I firmly believe that her death was accidental, since I do not see her wanting to die. Her often discussed last telephone call might have been made to Kennedy, or to someone who knew about her "hidden love affair." I believe she was sure she would be rescued.

Had I been her astrologer at that time, I would have advised her not to take any chances, especially since her aspects indicated that at that time she would have reacted to drugs and alcohol in a much faster and unpredictable way.

And thus the charts refute the theory of murder by the CIA. She couldn't have threatened to reveal any secrets for she had none. If Kennedy was her "hidden love affair" at that time, he would have never married her. This probably precipitated her "playing at suicide" and this childish "playing" just unexpectedly went wrong.

It is the sad chart of a child-woman, who remained a child.