Arlington's Touchstone Theater Company's production of Joseph Hart's "Triple Play" is for the most part a delightful presentation of three one-act plays about lives that revolve around baseball.

"Double A" is about a minor-leaguer (David Brazda) who has placed his dream of making the majors above his family. His wife (Bonnie Kristin), tired of the nomadic life, wants him to give up and settle down.

"Hit and Run" is set in a building under renovation in a seedy section of New York City. Carl (Walter Schwartz), a white construction worker, has a surprise visit from his black teammate and old friend Roy (Ron Canada). A dozen years before, they were Carl the hitter and Roy the speedster, a famous hit-and-run combination. Neither is happy: The best times of their lives ended with their baseball careers. Roy wants Carl to suit up with him for an old-timer's game, in hopes they can get some ink that might lead to a television commercial.

In "Hall of Fame" Willie McGrath (Gerry Paone) is an 86-year-old umpire once nominated but not elected to Cooperstown, being interviewed about his 41 years as a National League umpire. His playing career was sidetracked by his wife; his inability to concentrate during his first pitching start in the majors ended his career and turned him into an umpire. While the play gets off to a funny running start, it slows during a long monologue on Willie's wife and her death.

The nonprofit Touchstone Theater Company is attracting professional actors as well as amateurs. The cozy seating sets the audience virtually upon the stage, creating a feeling of immediacy. The show should appeal to anyone who has any affection for baseball, including Little Leaguers. TRIPLE PLAY -- Friday through Sunday at 8 at Touchstone Theater, 4210 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington (Parkington Shopping Center). 893-6806.