Here's a new one: the spokesperson for Continental Motion Pictures says that actor Miles O'Keefe -- the non-speaking Tarzan in John and Bo Derek's last film -- has withdrawn from his starring role in "Adam and Eve" for what are termed "religious reasons." Sources claim that the real reason is the more mundane "scheduling conflicts," but that doesn't have the ring of the official explanation . . . speaking of religious reasons, 20th Century-Fox has again changed the release date of "Monsignor," the tale of corruption in the Catholic Church that was bumped from its Christmas release slot when the studio decided the subject matter wasn't appropriate during yuletide. Originally rescheduled for February, the film has now been pushed up to late October -- a date that, figures the studio, not only moves the film out of the awkward Christmas slot, but also makes it eligible for this year's Academy Award considerations.

"The Rifleman" may be making its way onto movie screens 20 years after it disappeared from television tubes, say two of the partners in the firm that produced the series from 1958 to 1963. Producers Arthur Gardner and Jules Levy say that requests from fans have prompted them to plan a medium-budget feature film based on the series; naturally, it will star Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford . . . and Robin Moore, who wrote "The French Connection" and "The Green Berets" is set to collaborate on "The Jimmy Hoffa Story" with Hoffa attorney Frank Ragano, who's held the film rights to Hoffa's story for more than seven years.