Glancing at the indoor marquee, a patron of Charlie's of Georgetown might think the club's advertising the vegetable du jour: Herb & Potato. They're not; Herb & Potato is a comedy team, and a good one.

Their material is topical, well-delivered and nicely paced. Gary Herb, who grew up in Salisbury, Maryland, and looks like Mr. Zig-Zag but sounds like Richard Simmons, prances across the stage while ticking off their zany version of the evening news.

Herpes, hostages, Billy Jean, Klaus von Bulow and a former Los Angeles coroner all get their share of of honorable mentions as the pair dissect modern life.

Much of their routine is for and about Our Town, from the First Family to Jean Harris to Betsy Bloomingdale to late-night eating in Georgetown -- where else can you get quiche and grits on the same order?

They get roars with songs such as "Headmistress", "You Can Get a Man with a Gun" and "Mrs. Reagan Is Packing a Rod" (to the tune of "Mr. Sandman").

Potato, who looks more like an Air Force mechanic from Andrews than a cabaret comic, plays the piano while keeping the team fairly steady to the road.

The second show is faster-paced, racier and better. For the cover price -- $7 and a two-drink mimimum -- it's unbeatable.

HERB & POTATO -- At Charlie's of Georgetown through Sunday at 8:30, 10:30 and midnight.