The ICA quietly changed its name back to the USIA . . . Vacationing David Stockman's car was booted and towed . . . A plague of waterbugs hit the White House. (Along with the usual rumors about staff upheavals and rolling heads. You know summer.) . . . Al Powers, hotshot aide to Kansas Rep. Bob Whittaker, loyally rose at dawn for a week, to trot on the Congressman's son's Arlington paper route . . . Jack Anderson hatched a new newsletter called "The Future" . . . Bernie Weinraub of The New York Times polished off his novel of the Paper People, "Bylines." Doubleday will dish it up come spring . . . The Golden Booeymonger became drop-dead chic Fourways . . . Joe Canzeri, once Nancy's major-domo, pitched in to help USA Today plot its Launch, along with fair flackette Carolyn Peachey. (The high jinks will hit the Capitol, next Wednesday) . . . Newlywed Senator Larry Pressler sprouted a hypermacho denim Wrangler jacket . . . Kathy Cronkite, daughter of Guess Who, tiptoed to town to tape "PM Magazine" segments. (Watch that space the week of the 20th. And the week of the 27th. Then, Maria Shriver, daughter of Guess Who Again, takes her turn at twinkling) . . . Rita Jenrette, former bride of dear departed Rep. John Jenrette, jumped to Jamaica to star in an action-mystery flick, "The Picnic" . . . Murray Gart, ex-Star editor and Timeman, hopped aboard Johns Hopkins' Foreign Policy Institute, where he'll beaver on his book about Israel versus Palestine . . . Katie Hepburn waxed ecstatic about being begged to play Rose Kennedy onscreen . . . To the 'phones, now. The Gossip Season is Open.