Here are some current studies and services at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda: Premenstrual Syndrome

PMS, recently recognized in the Healthtalk column as a mainly physical rather than psychological disorder, is being studied further by Dr. David Rubinow. He is interested particularly in women who "experience menstrually related mood changes with fairly clearcut onsets and/or offsets" and whose symptoms are severe enough to interfere with normal daily activities.

Women who would like to be considered for the study should call Dr. Rubinow at 496-6825. Medicine for the Layman

Every fall for the past several years NIH physicians have given a series of lectures in lay language on the human body -- healthy and diseased -- accompanied by slides, and followed by a question and answer period. Call the Clinical Center's Reports and Inquiries Branch, 496-2563, to receive a schedule of lectures. Pain Research Facility

The Dental Institute is collaborating with four other institutes (Cancer, Heart, Neurology and Mental Health) to study ways of controlling acute and chronic pain. The physicians currently seek patients with oral/facial pain, longstanding diabetics with burning-foot syndrome, cancer patients to evaluate non-narcotic drugs and people suffering from movement disorders: Huntington's disease, Tourette syndrome and Tardive dyskinesia.

For more information, contact Dr. Ronald Dubner, chief of the Dental Institute's Neurobiology and Anesthesiology Branch: 496-6804.

All services rendered at NIH are free; but only people whose disease or disorder is under active investigation by NIH physicians can be considered for a clinical study. To learn about current studies, physicians may call Deborah Trower at Patient Referral Service, 496-4891, and request the semiannually revised pamphlet "Current Clinical Studies and Patient Referral Procedures"; lay people may call and request the pamphlet, "Clinical Center Patient Admissions Procedures." Volunteers

* The Clinical Center staff needs volunteers to help with patient comfort and care. A few of the positions: interpreter (for non-English speaking patients), occupational or physical-therapy assistant, recreation assistant and librarian. On-the-job training; day, evening and weekend assignments. Call the Clinical Center's director of volunteers, Betty Schwering: 496-2626.

* Healthy individuals, 18 years old and up, with no past serious medical or psychiatric problems, are sought as controls for Clinical Center studies that may, for example, involve vision, diet or the immune system. A small stipend is paid: $10 for the first hour and $5 each additional hour. Call Esther Taylor, chief of the Normal Volunteer Patient Program, 496-4763, if you're interested in participating, or to request "NIH Normal Volunteer Patient Handbook."