If the usual attempt was made to keep people seated inside the pavilion at Merriweather Post last night, that effort was abandoned long before the Go-Go's reached the stage. By the time A Flock of Seagulls, a Liverpool quartet, concluded its opening set, attendants had their hands full just keeping their hands clear . For 10,000 fans, this obviously was the summer's final blowout. It was jumping room only.

The Go-Go's continue to resist criticism. Despite their apparent musical limitations and their potentially troublesome dependence on Belinda Carlisle's lead vocals, these five women remain, at least for now, a band that's fun to watch and even more fun to dance to. In concert, they pause scarcely long enough to catch their breath, and last night's show was several songs old before the rather moody "It's Everything But Partytime" allowed the crowd a chance to do the same.

In an otherwise frenetic show, Carlisle and especially drummer Gina Schock lived up to the band's motto and encore: "We Got the Beat." Other highlights included a raunchy "Beatnik Beach" and a rousing "Vacation."

The mind-addling volume employed by the Seagulls turned their songs into a colossal wall of synthesized sound, pulsating with jerky rhythms and the echo of the crowd's cheers.