Among the Washington-area job-search support groups:

* District of Columbia Department of Employment Services: Job-finding clubs open to D.C. residents receiving unemployment compensation who have attended the department's job-search workshop. Clubs scheduled to be formed beginning Oct. 1. Some clerical assistance to be available at 500 C St. NW.

* Forty-Plus of Washington: Meets Mondays 10 a.m. at 1718 P St. NW. Ongoing sessions. "Active"-status members must contribute one eight-hour day's work weekly in a job-search activity. Fee: "Active," $89 initiation, $15 monthly; "Associate," $112 initiation, $38 monthly (but no requirement to put in a day's work). Open generally to over-forties at management or executive level earning $20,000 annually. Counseling, job-search workshops, guest speakers, cooperative efforts to uncover job openings in the Washington area. For information: 387-1582.

* George Washington University Center for Continuing Education: Meets Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., beginning this Thursday, at 801 22d St. NW. Fee: $14 per two-hour session. Counseling, training in job-search skills. Open to anyone. Participants may join at any time and attend as long as they feel necessary. For information: 676-8164.

* Horizons Unlimited Inc., a commercial career-counseling firm: Meets Thursdays from noon to 1 p.m. at 1000 Vermont Ave. NW, Suite 810. Ongoing sessions. Fee: $80 for eight sessions. For information: Marilyn Goldman, 258-9338.

* Job Hunt Support Group for the Arts: An informal group of persons interested in a career in arts or arts management, who meet frequently in each other's homes. Group formed among graduates of Art-Work, a "how-to approach to job exploration" offered by the Division of Continuing Education at American University. The 10-week course will be offered Thursdays from 7-9:30 p.m., beginning Sept. 30. Fee: $112. For information: 686-2500.

* National Capital Area Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration: New groups forming for fall, with registration set for Oct. 14 and 20. Fee: $20 to ASPA members; $50 for nonmembers. Open generally to professional-level workers in federal, state and local government, but nongovernment workers welcome. Frequent job-search workshops with weekly support group meetings. For information: 549-5848.

* Northern Virginia Information and Counseling Center for Women: Meets Thursdays from 7:30-9:30 p.m., beginning this Thursday, at the center office, 127 Park St. NE, Vienna. Fee: $35 for a series of six sessions. At completion, participants may sign up to repeat series. Open to both sexes despite name. Job-search workshops and stress-reduction training. For information: 281-2657.

* Washington Regional Employment Services Team (WREST): A cooperative membership organization of "unemployed or underemployed professionals," with an office in Arlington. Orientation meeting scheduled for 11 a.m. Thursday. No fee, but members are expected to spend several hours a week in job-search activities for the group. Counseling, job-search training. For information: 522-6107.

* Women and Health Roundtable: Job network of men and women interested in working in the field of women's health. Meets monthly at the Roundtable office at Dupont Circle. Roundtable membership required, $20 annual dues. Next orientation meeting at 6:30 p.m. tomorrow. For information: 466-3544.