$ Be reasonable when negotiating the amount. If you're too restrictive your children can't manage; too magnanimous, they won't learn how to make choices.

$ Set fair, clearly defined rules, and then stick to them. "It's like a diet," says one parent. "Once you cheat, you're finished."

$ Don't interfere. The point is to help the child learn to budget.

$ Don't bail children out by giving them more money. They have to learn from their decisions.

$ If you use a credit system, note the amount after each shopping trip. Kids-to-Kids

$ "Compare prices, watch for sales and buy late in the season. Check the boys' department for lower-priced Shetland sweaters and tailored shirts." (Terri Halperin, 16.)

$ "Pick sweaters that match more than one pair of pants." (Tamara Lave, 13.)

$ "Don't spend a lot of money on clothes that are a fad." (Laurie Chaitovitz, 18.)

$ "Don't use all your money up right away. Save it for shopping sprees." (Laurie Woods, 13.)

$ "If you haven't stopped growing, buy cheap stuff. If you have, get better stuff. It lasts longer." (Tamara Lave.)

$ "Don't buy things just because you have the money. You may really need something later on." (Rick Woods, 14.)