The Rev. Sun Myung Moon will officiate over another mass wedding of members of his Unification Church. The wedding, set for Oct. 14, will join 5,000 couples from 70 countries in the largest mass marriage ceremony in history, according to a church spokesman.

The wedding will be the second that the Unification Church has conducted. The first was held in Madison Square Garden on July 1, where 2,075 couples were wed.

Moon went home to his native Seoul Sunday to prepare for the nuptials and to attend the Fifth World Media Conference, sponsored by the Unification Church to discuss "social issues and values in the media," according to a church spokesman. About 200 students and journalists from 40 countries are expected to attend the conference.

Wallace Graham, doctor of former first lady Bess Truman, said that he and nurses are trying to keep Truman alert and active following her three-week hospitalization for a bleeding ulcer.

Graham said he and Truman's nurses were helping her to stand and walk, and talking to her about events that she might recall.

"I bring up these past events because one of her age has a better memory for the past than for the present," he explained. He also said that Truman's greatest frustration is that she is mentally alert but unable to speak or control the muscles that would indicate reaction to the activities around her. Her speech has been impaired by strokes, one of which occurred last year in September.

"I think a lot depends on her own attitude, a lot depends on her will and what she sees going on around her," said Graham.

Truman, who at 97 is the nation's oldest former first lady, returned home to Independence, Mo., from Research Medical Center in Kansas City on Friday.

First Lady Nancy Reagan will be honored as USO Woman of the Year on Wednesday. A tent will be set up for the festivities at Fort McNair. Actress Shirley Jones and the second Broadway Annie, Shelley Bruce -- who was later stricken with leukemia -- will sing.

Cries of hypocrisy arose when Capitol Hill fitness buff Sen. William Proxmire was seen riding home on the subway. The Wisconsin Democrat is well-known for his daily jog to and from his home and Capitol Hill.

Proxmire aides quickly redeemed the congressman, explaining that the senator, who will be 67 in November, recently modified his physical regimen to include running to work, but riding home. They added that unless Proxmire wore his jogging suit home, there would be piles of them in the senator's office, while his more conservative outfits piled up at home.

When Mitch Hider of Corvallis, Ore., puckers his lips and blows, he ain't just whistlin' in the dark. Sunday in Carson City, Nev., he won his 11th overall title at the annual Whistle-off. Hider won despite the fact that he lost the contemporary solo competition to Martin Luna of Mexico City.

Evangelist Billy Graham announced yesterday at a press conference in Chapel Hill, N.C., that he will visit East Germany and Czechoslovakia next month.

Mindful of criticism that surrounded a previous visit to the Soviet Union, Graham said, "I'm going to preach the gospel; I'm certainly not going on a political trip."

It will be the first time either country has allowed Graham to preach inside its borders. He said that his itinerary is not complete but that he expects to visit six cities in East Germany and preach mostly at state Lutheran churches.

Graham also used the press conference to speak out against nuclear arms. "We are, in my judgment, on the verge of a nuclear holocaust, and I think that we as Christians have a responsibility to warn the people," he said.

Lillian Carter, mother of former president Jimmy Carter, has been admitted to Emory University Hospital for tests.

Faye Dill of the ex-president's office in Plains, Ga., said that 84-year-old Miss Lillian entered the hospital last week and is to be released "whenever the tests are done." "She's just elderly, and just had some complaints you should look into. They just want to make sure she is okay," Dill said.

Hospital spokeswoman Julia Hoye said the hospital did not issue information on Carter's admission because she "requested privacy." Hoye said she did not know when Carter might leave the hospital.

Talk show host Johnny Carson and his wife, Joanna, have given $1 million for the construction of the Carson Television Center at the University of Southern California.

"We're honored to invest in the future of television at USC," the Carsons announced in a statement. "We can only hope that once the facility is in place a generation of creative and technically proficient individuals will provide quality entertainment well into the next century."

Construction on the five-building complex is scheduled to begin next month.