ARBITRONS AGAIN: The advance numbers from the summer Arbitron book are in, with WKYS-FM (93.9) solidifying its lead. The urban contemporary station pulled a 10.2, a 1.8 increase over its spring rating, which had toppled longtime No. 1 WMAL-AM (630) from the spot. WMAL shares the No. 2 spot at 7.9 with WGAY (1050 AM, 99.5 FM). And WHUR-FM (96.3) moves into the winner's circle with a 7.4, up .5 from last time. Dropping from the Top 10 were WWDC (1260 AM, 101.1 FM) and WRC-AM (980).

Washington's new Top 10, according to the Arbitron ratings figures for the period June 24 to Sept. 1 are:

1. WKYS 10.2 (Last quarter: 1).

2. WMAL-AM 7.9 (3) and WGAY AM-FM 7.9 (2).

3. WHUR-FM 7.4 (4).

4. WPGC AM-FM 5.3 (5).

5. WRQX 5.1 (7).

6. WLTT 4.4 (8).

7. WTOP-AM 4.2 (13).

8. WAVA-FM 3.9 (11) and WOOK-FM 3.9 (10).

9. WASH-FM 3.8 (14).

10. WMZQ-FM 3.5 (16).

NAME GAME: WPKX-AM (730) has received FCC approval to change its call letters to WRMR, which stands for "Remember Radio." The AM daytimer, sister station of country-music station WPKX-FM, broadcasts Al Ham's syndicated "Music of Your Life" big band/vocals format.

STILL ROLLING: "The Rolling Stones, Past and Present," a radio special marking the British group's 20th anniversary, airs for a solid 12 hours on WWDC-FM (101.1) Saturday, from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m. Sunday. The special, produced by David Pritchard and Alan Lysaght of the Sonic Workshop at the Osmond Entertainment Center in Utah, features interviews with the group members, including some from the band's early days, and recent interviews with Mick Jagger and George Harrison, who claims to have arranged the group's first record; sound effects from the original British locations; detailed narration which rarely intrudes on the full-length album cuts; and previously unreleased early live tracks.

NETWORKING: Howard University's WHUR-FM (96.3) has begun national syndication of some of its information programming to 12 black and urban contemporary stations, with 50 stations scheduled to carry the spots by October. The five 90-second programs produced by WHUR include "Lifestyle '82," "Health Report," "Did You Know," "Investor's Guide" and "Profiles in History."