Amin Gemayel, the new president of Lebanon, was born on Jan. 22, 1942, and has his Sun in Aquarius. His astrological chart is completely different from the chart of his late brother Bashir, who was killed by a bomb blast shortly before Bashir was to be installed as president. This total lack of any links, or similarity between the charts, indicates Amin Gemayel is quite unlike his brother, both in makeup and personality. And yet those fundamental differences bode well for the immediate future of Lebanon.

Amin Gemayel's chart indicates an extremely strong and well-integrated person. Under the veneer of affability, pleasant manners, well-modulated voice and soft-spoken words lies a veritable "Rock of Gibraltar." He is steady, patient, self-reliant, infinitely resilient, stubborn and can be totally unyielding under pressure.

The mind is excellent; it is cool, detached, objective. Amin Gemayel is never ruled by emotions; during discussions he would be flexible, deliberate and never satisfied with data that only skims the surface. He is perfectly capable of seeing both sides of a story. Once he makes up his mind, however, he will be hard to budge from his position. The only way to make him change his mind is to approach him with a logical argument or with additional data.

His emotions are strong but they are totally internalized. If he ever cries, he cries alone. It is because his mind, with its almost dispassionate objectivity, is in control all the time. He will even try to hold back flashes of anger.

And so, because of all those characteristics, I believe that Amin Gemayel will not only make a good president but will also surprise his friends, as well as his enemies.

First of all, it is good that he does not have great charisma, and eschews flamboyance. People with charisma stir up strong emotions in their followers, as well as in their detractors. And the last thing Lebanon needs right now is a stirring up of passions. And so, Amin Gemayel, with his intellectual detachment, objectivity and dispassionate coolness, is exactly what Lebanon needs. With his even-handedness and ability to see both sides of a story, I do not believe he will favor one faction over another. I believe he will be fair and just. Moreover, I believe he will try to unite all the factions by appealing to their reason, and he just might succeed. Furthermore, I would alert the Christian Lebanese not to expect any special privileges while this president is in power, and the Moslems can look forward to a better life and to more opportunities.

Since this man firmly believes that true strength lies in self-reliance and independence, he will try to rebuild his country along the same principles. He will carry these principles into the field of foreign affairs. Any foreign leader should remember that he will not negotiate under duress. He will not sign any agreements unless he enters into them of his own volition and without strings attached. He will never play a lackey or a puppet to anyone.

He is honest, above board and demands the same in return; but if he is betrayed, he will never forgive or forget. And with his chart, I would not try to deceive him, for he has a mind like a steel trap.

Amin Gemayel took the oath of office under fairly good astrological aspects. The Sun just entered the sign of Libra (0 degrees and one minute of Libra) and thus ushered in a new cycle, and a new beginning. His natal Jupiter, which is lucky and protective, is also well aspected on the chart for his swearing-in ceremony.

This October will be a difficult month for him and his first year in office will not be a picnic, but if there is any danger on his chart it comes around 1983-84. The danger, however, might be connected with world events and out of his control.