The illustrious Michael Bennett, the moving force behind "A Chorus Line," will be in town this Friday to audition singers and dancers for two touring companies of his latest hit, "Dreamgirls." He is looking for black women singers who "move well" and black men who "dance very well." The auditions are at Lisner Auditorium, 1130 21st St. NW; women should come at 10 a.m. and men at 2 p.m. You must be between 18 and 32. Bring pictures and resumes. Equity performers will be seen before non-union.

Bennett will be accompanied by what seems like the entire "Dreamgirls" brain trust, including Cleavant Derricks, who won a Tony award for his performance as James Thunder Early and is also the vocal arranger. Co-choreographer Michael Peters, producer Bob Avian, and musical director Yolanda Segovia will also be watching the Washington hopefuls.

Washington is one of nine cities (including New York) Bennett has picked for auditions for the touring companies, which will open in March and May. "Dreamgirls" is about a female Motown-like singing group and its climb to success. Despite mixed reviews, the musical made back its entire $3.6 million cost in 34 weeks, won six Tony awards, and made a star of Jennifer Holliday, who plays a member of the original trio who gets bumped from the group because of her weight.

As they say in the trade papers: no phone calls, please.