The passage of planet Uranus over crucial points on an individual's chart brings about the irrevocable changes in that person's life. Because of the slow motion of Uranus, this passage lasts about a year, and those crucial points are affected three times. When changes occur, they do during these three peaks.

I wrote in my Sept. 18, 1981, column that West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt faced the first onslaught in October 1981, and if he remained in office, would ride a roller coaster through 1982, with a second strong jolt occurring in the spring of 1982, and a third in the fall.

And 9 days ago, the West German Parliament unseated Schmidt, in concurrence with the third and the last passage of Uranus over his chart, and elected conservative leader Helmut Kohl to succeed him.

Kohl was born on April 4, 1930, and has his Sun in Aries. The exact times for his acceptance of the vote and for his swearing in were 3:12 p.m. and 5:31 p.m. Central European Time, respectively, on Oct. 1, 1982, in Bonn. Unfortunately, those charts do not bode well for the immediate future. They indicate a zigzag course, set by turbulent crosscurrents and changing winds.

First of all, Kohl was elected and sworn in under Retrograde Mercury. This aspect alone foretells that the results will be different than expected. Different results than expected could be for the better. But the charts indicate there will be more discordance.

Moreover, the charts cast for his acceptance of the vote and for his swearing-in ceremony indicate that he is totally in the pocket of the powers that be. It is not he who rules the coalition, but the coalition that rules him. Furthermore, the charts indicate changes in that coalition, and his current "friends" may soon become his "enemies."

And Kohl's chart does not indicate a man who can reign in the turbulence of dissenting factions. His chart is weaker than Schmidt's and is also much less individualistic. Therefore, it will be hard for him to assert himself and bring others with him.

In addition, his chart indicates he is a pleasant, jovial and well-meaning man. He is probably quite charming. But those good characteristics (in his particular chart) indicate that he would rather accommodate than fight, and this tends to support the zigzag course.

His Mercury, however, the planet of mind, buffeted by three malefic influences (Uranus, Saturn and Pluto), is not flexible or adaptable and is frozen in a mold.

Uranus may prod him to be daring, original, bold and incisive, but any pioneering thought would be squashed immediately by a fearful and cautious Saturn.

He is like an early American settler trying to decide whether it is better to fend off the Indians by barricading the front door or the back door or the side door. He will do a bit of each, finally barricading the one he saw his parents barricade. It would never occur to him to barricade all three and maybe find another exit. Because of that characteristic, I do not believe he will ever be able to rally all the factions together.

At any rate, I believe the coalition that put Kohl in power will fall apart long before the elections, and I do not see him staying in power until 1984.