Among consultant Joan Flanagan's do's of grass-roots fund-raising:

$ Ask. "Environmental groups will go out and collect 100,000 signatures on petitions and never ask those people to give them money. If they'd only said, 'Sign this petition AND give me $2,' at the end of the campaign they would have had the 100,000 signatures AND $200,000 or more."

$ Give yourself. "It's a sales maxim that you can't sell something you won't buy."

$ Find ways to save. "If you need an office, go to a church that isn't fully booked. Or go to local schools."

$ Aim for maximum profit. "It's much easier and quicker to ask for one/$100 donation than to sell 20/$5 dance tickets or 400 raffle chances for 25 cents each."

$ Charge members dues. "The most democratic and dependable way to raise money."

$ Make long-range plans. "Schedule your big fund-raisers so they can become annual events. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel every year. You can make more money each year improving the wheel that you have."

$ Keep accurate records. "The best tools to control fund-raising efforts and increase profits."

$ Plan the fun. "Make up your mind to have a good time, and your volunteers will be chomping at the bit to start the next project."