Last year, in my Sept. 20 column on the Redskins, I wrote: "And thus the entire team and its owner will be affected simultaneously by the Uranus transit . . . by something that team owner Jack Kent Cooke will do, either of his own volition, or due to circumstances beyond his control . . . Sometime next year the entire team might be sold, or go on strike."

Unfortunately, the latter came to pass. Planet Uranus delivered its predictable blow during its third passage over the affected planets, and on Sept. 21, 1982, the football strike began. After almost four weeks of negotiations, the only thing the football fans around the country would like to know is whether this strike will be settled quickly enough to salvage the remainder of the season.

I decided to use astrology to find the answer, even though I know of no precedent in which a person on the basis of astrology had correctly prognosticated the results of a football strike.

First, I set up for myself certain criteria:

1. With the negotiations under way I cast the charts for the most important participants:

* Ed Garvey and Gene Upshaw represent the players. Garvey, executive director of the National Football League Players Association, is an Aries, born on April 18, 1940; Union president Upshaw of the Los Angeles Raiders was born Aug. 15, 1945, with a Sun in Leo.

* NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle and Jack Donlan, executive director of NFL Management Council, represent the management. Rozelle was born March 1, 1926, and has his Sun in Pisces; Donlan was born on June 2, 1935, and has his Sun in Gemini.

* And finally, Sam Kagel, a veteran mediator called in to help settle the strike, was born on Jan. 24, 1909, and has his Sun in Aquarius.

2. I compared the strengths of the Garvey and Upshaw charts to those of Rozelle and Donlan to see which side, if either, could last longer. Then I compared those four charts to Kagel's chart, assessing his strength.

3. I assessed the compatability of those five charts, because if even one chart is incompatible with the others, a friction occurs and arguments ensue over things as innocuous as whether the day is partly sunny or partly cloudy, thus prolonging the negotiations.

4. Because the resolution of the conflict would affect simultaneously the managment, the players and the mediator, some strong planetary influence should be affecting those five charts at the same time.

A very interesting picture emerged on the basis of these criteria. First of all, the charts of NFL representatives Donlan and Rozelle are stronger and more tenacious than those of Garvey and Upshaw. Therefore management has the power to outlast the players. The chart of Kagel is as tenacious as the charts of Rozelle and Donlan but is more flexible, which bodes well for the players.

The chart of player representative Garvey is not very compatible with the other charts, but is especially incompatible with Donlan's. Therefore, as long as those two are the principal spokesmen, any negotiation, willy-nilly, turns into confrontation. Their charts "rub each other" in a very negative way. Garvey's chart indicates an impatient man who tends to shoot from the hip. He probably brings heavy artillery to bear too quickly in his attempt to force the issue. Those tactics, however, do not affect Donlan one iota (except for causing irritation). Under his pleasant manner and affability lies a great reservoir of strength, and so he simply "absorbs" those shots, rendering Garvey's attack ineffectual.

In contrast, Upshaw's chart is congenial with Donlan's, and I believe that if those two men had held the talks by themselves, this strike might have been ended long ago.

Mediator Kagel's chart has links with all the charts and aggravates all of them. I am quite sure that while Kagel will be respected, he will not be especially liked during the negotiations. His chart indicates great determintion and strength, and he may succeed in his promise "to outlast them all and wear them out." I believe that he can swing it, but the question remains whether he can do so in time to save the season.

According to the latest statement by Rozelle, the cutoff date is Oct. 25-26. The mediator says he will keep the negotiations going until the strike is settled. But a phenomenon described in one of my criteria--strong planetary impact affecting the five charts simultaneously--occurs during the week of Oct. 26 and is repeated again during February and March of next year.

Moreover, since it is Mars that comes "swooping down" during the last week of October, and Mars is the harbinger of open warfare rather than of peaceful settlement, I would tend to believe that negotiations will fail and everyone will go home in anger, to meet again in February-March of 1983.

At the same time I must keep in mind that slow-moving Uranus is twinkling in the heavens. This planet, more often than not, turns the world topsy-turvy and bestows sudden surprises. Being an ardent football fan, I would much prefer that Uranus make a shambles of my predictions, providing me instead with even an abbreviated football season.