In "Le Beau Mariage," French comedienne Beatrice Romand comes down with a case of the Cinderella Complex, an American disease that becomes an international epidemic with this film.

Romand plays an aimless 25-year-old shop girl whose easy affairs and art studies are meaningless. She decides to give up the lonely liberation she's tried so hard to take and become a housewife -- the princess that society trained her to be.

Her mother (Thamila Mezbah) tells her this is a hundred years out of date, a fairy tale. Even her first lover warns she'd be nothing more than a kept woman if she marries for comfort instead of for love. What about your career, he inquires? Housewives aren't whores, she replies.

Despite the advice, she dogs her Prince Charming, a conservative lawyer of 35 who barely gives her the time of day. With the encouragement of her closest friend Clarisse (Arielle Dombasle), a deluded beauty, she continues her pursuit in vain.

Curious, isn't it, that a woman's film, one that looks at now frustrations among the distaff set, should have come from the country that gave us the word chauvinism?

''Le Beau Mariage" wasn't made in heaven, but it is an interesting film by director Eric Rohmer. Though commendable, it is never consummated. LE BEAU MARIAGE -- At the K-B Janus.