There are only two days left until mid-term elections, and yet veteran political observers consider many races too close to call. This situation exists in gubernatorial races in two of our largest states: California and Illinois. I decided to cast the charts of the candidates in all four to see if "the stars" can pick the winners. Unfortunately, I was unable to obtain each candidate's exact hour of birth, without which the margin of error greatly increases.

California: The polls give slight a lead to Tom Bradley, the popular mayor of Los Angeles, a Democrat, born on Dec. 29, 1917, who has his Sun in Capricorn. If he wins, he will become the first black governor in the United States. He is running against State Attorney General George Deukmejian, a Republican, born on June 6, 1928, who has his sun in Gemini.

The contrast between the two charts is striking. Bradley's natal chart indicates a difficult life, where nothing came easy, where for everything gained there was some loss and a necessity for painful readjustment. There is a somber tenor to his chart.

Deukmejian's chart on the other hand, while baving difficult natal aspects indicating tough beginnings, shows lucky breaks without attendant losses. The tenor of his chart is sunny and optimistic. Both men are sharp, perceptive, hard-working, ambitious, diligent and intuitive; either would make an excellent governor. The current planetary positions, however, are reactivating the aspects of some painful readjustment on Bradley's chart, while Deukmejian's chart is "dancing with joy," with the aspects strongly hinting a "lucky break".

Therefore, I am projecting Deukmejian as a winner, since it is hard for me to believe he would "dance with joy" if he lost, while Bradley would suffer some painful readjustment if he were to win.

At the same time, if the reverse were to come true, then I will say Bradley's term as a governor will be difficult and painful. If Deukmejian loses, something marvelous will quickly fall into his lap.

Illinois: Former senator Adlai E. Stevenson III, a Democrat, born on Oct. 10, 1930, with his Sun in Libra, is trying to unseat two-term Gov. Jim Thompson, a Republican, born on May 8, 1936, with his Sun in Taurus. This spring, Thompson slipped badly behind Stevenson, but he edged forward again, and the most recent polls give him again a slight lead.

Astrologically their charts present a fascinating story. Stevenson's chart has an edge on Thompson's for two reasons: One, it receives better planetary aspects on election day; two, Thompson's planets support Stevenson's chart, while Stevenson's own planets undermine the governor's chart. Ordinarily, I would pick a chart with such built-in advantages to win. In Stevenson's chart however, I am left with a bid "But."

This "but" hinges on whether Stevenson can take advantage of his lucky breaks. But in order to do that, he would have to alter some facets of his nature in the remaining nine days of the campaign. Although Stevenson has been called "bland and dull," his chart indicates a deeply emotional man who could be a good orator if he would only stop filtering every nuance of his emotions through his intellect.

Stevenson feels deeply but considers it unseemly to parade his emotions. It is as if he considers emotional displays beneath his dignity. This man is a very private man, but his chart packs quite an emotional punch. If he can unleash it, he will win; if he cannot, he will lose.

In addition, the planetary intertwining between Stevenson's and Thompson's charts is made up of many karmic links, either "supportive" or "undermining." This would indicate to me a long night of "seesaw" returns and an incredibly close election; or a declared winner losing, because of absentee ballots, or after a recount.