* Reds: The henna-haired all over the country are standing taller, judging from the huzzah-and-red-on! reaction to auburnette Carol Krucoff's "Renaissance of the Redhead" story. Red-hot signs: New York free-lance writer Ralph Gardner, a former NBC News and Soho News writer, is writing a book on redheads; New York fashion agent Bryan Bantry has proclaimed this as "the year of the redhead"; designer Perry Ellis paraded five redheads in a recent fashion show, and a red-haired model, says Gardner, is "all the rage" in Japan.

Meanwhile, Wyoming needs wooing. In a 1974 survey of the mating preferences of 1,000 University of Wyoming students, red hair was the least often mentioned as the preferred hair color.

Redheads, no doubt, would rather be in Baltimore. In a pilot study for his thesis on "attractiveness stereotypes and red hair," Loyola College psychology graduate student Michael Atkins found that intelligence was the trait linked most often with red hair.

* Running Remorse: Any murder is awesome and heinous and diminishing to us all, but somehow the striking down of a jogger in mid-flight seems even more diabolical. Maybe because running represents an abandonment, a freedom, a trust in throwing oneself to the wind. If you can't connect with sky, trees, birds--the air--what is left?

The friends, for example, of Gail Ornstein can't help but mention in their rage and incredulity the "bright, sunshiny Saturday" that drew her to the out-of-doors.

"A group of us were sitting out there the Sunday after the Saturday," says Ian Stirton, 37. "A lot of people felt very angry and helpless." Out of that gathering came the idea to establish a reward fund for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Ornstein's murderer.

"At least we were doing something. We all went out and started collecting on our own. It was a comfort--it kept our minds occupied for the moment."

The result is a $3,500 reward. "The money is in hand," says Stirton, who is with the Federal Election Commission. "We'll be more than happy to write the check." The number to call is Crime Solvers: 393-2222.

"In part," says Stirton, "it was done because we couldn't do anything else."

* Whoops: A sensible girl is one who is more sensible than she looks because a sensible girl has more sense than to look sensible.--From Executive Review, Chicago.