Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz.) was admitted to a hospital in Phoenix for open heart surgery yesterday, his Washington office announced.

Goldwater, 73, will undergo triple coronary bypass surgery today at St. Joseph's Hospital, the senator's office said. The announcement said the surgery will be performed by Dr. Ted Diethrich of the Arizona Heart Institute.

Diethrich was quoted as saying Goldwater's overall health is excellent and the senator should be back in Washington by Dec. 1.

Rock 'n' roll has been around long enough to belong to the middle-aged now, but still it was a shock to see White House big guns such as Ed Meese, Michael Deaver and Craig Fuller on the RSVP-yes list for a cocktail party honoring America's oldest living teen-ager -- Dick Clark, Mr. Bandstand.

"It's no surprise. Look at Mick Jagger. He's a multinational corporation," said Clark, 52, shaking hands with the crowd and saying "Thank you" when they said "Nice to meet you."

The reception, at the home of Cora and Martin Rubenstein -- he is the president of the Mutual Broadcasting System--was to celebrate Clark's new Sunday morning radio show syndicated on WLTT-FM.

Clark, who still looks like the kid brother, that guy who used to pose for all the underwear ads in the Sears catalogue, didn't seem to mind at all when none of the White House artillery showed up.

Politicians may come and go, but rock 'n' roll, says Clark, "will last forever."

Are Sen. Gary Hart (D-Colo.), an unannounced presidential candidate, and his wife, Lee, getting back together? The two have been separated for more than a year, but they turned up together at Averell and Pamela Harriman's election-night party Tuesday. Friends speculate that they might be thinking about a reunion.

"They've been seeing more of each other recently," said Paul Wattles, Hart's press secretary. "But they're still officially separated."

"There's nothing new to report," said Kathy Bushkin, Hart's legislative director and close aide. "They're spending some time together -- as they always have."

Hart's aides say a possible reunion has nothing to do with Hart's plans to run for president. "Just as their decision to separate didn't," said Bushkin.

Teresa Heinz, wife of Sen. John Heinz (R-Pa.), is being hospitalized for what may be "the possibility of a reoccurrence of a bleeding kidney," according to Heinz's press secretary, Jeffrey Lord. Heinz was admitted Saturday to an undisclosed Washington hospital.

Joan Mondale stopped by Children's Hospital yesterday to pass out balloons left over from the election-night bash hosted by the Committee for the Future of America, the PAC founded by her husband, former vice president Walter Mondale.

Children's Hospital artist-in-residence Tom Tomson decorated the rainbow-colored balloons with faces and Mondale distributed them among the patients, including a special balloon bouquet for Lauren White, who celebrated her third birthday yesterday.

Tomson and Susan Zox Eidenberg, director of the hospital's New Horizons program, gave Mondale a guided tour of the exhibition of artwork by children at the hospital and patient/artist Faye Lam presented Mondale with a signed silkscreen.

A 26-year-old cook, John Sweeney, was charged yesterday in Los Angeles with the attempted murder of actress Dominique Dunne, who appeared in the film "Poltergeist." Sweeney, who pleaded innocent to the charge in Beverly Hills Municipal Court, is being held in custody in lieu of $75,000 bail.

Dunne, 22, is listed in critical condition in Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles and is unconscious and on a life support system. Police said she was found lying unconscious in front of her house last Saturday night.

They said Sweeney, a former boyfriend of Dunne, apparently had tried to seek a reconciliation with her.

Rep. Richard Bolling (D-Mo.) underwent surgery yesterday in Kansas City to clear a blocked artery in his neck and was reported in good condition. Bolling, 66, who will retire in January after 34 years in Congress, underwent surgery for about an hour, said St. Joseph Hospital spokesman Alex Petrovic.

"His vital signs were good after surgery and he continues to do well in the intensive care unit," Petrovic said. Bolling is expected to undergo similar surgery next week.

Manhattan's Columbia Presbyterian Hospital yesterday confirmed reports that Katharine Hepburn has been released, apparently after being treated for several days for an old shoulder injury, not, as originally reported, for a circulation problem in her arms.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Diana, princess of Wales, gathered yesterday in London at Parliament's House of Lords to preside over the somber and ceremonial state opening of Parliament. During the ceremony it was announced that the queen would be visiting the United States next year.

The royal itinerary is not complete, but will include stopovers by the queen and her husband, Prince Philip, in Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, on the West Coast of the U.S., and in Mexico for a meeting with President Jose Lopez Portillo.

Actress Jodie Foster will tell the ordeal of her rise to fame as the object of John Hinckley Jr.'s love in the December issue of Esquire magazine.

After his assassination attempt, Hinckley told jurors at his trial that he decided to shoot President Reagan last year to win the love of Foster. Hinckley was acquitted by reason of insanity and is in St. Elizabeths mental hospital here.

Foster describes herself in the article as an "unwilling" victim of publicity.

"Why me?" writes the actress. "Why not someone like Brooke Shields?"

Prince Rainier of Monaco, his two daughters and his son passed through London yesterday on their way home from a vacation in the Bahamas, seven weeks after the death of Princess Grace.

Princess Stephanie, 17, who suffered neck injuries in the car crash that killed her mother, was still wearing a neck brace. "I'm all right now," the princess told reporters at Heathrow Airport.

"She has obviously got a long way to go before she is fully recovered," an airline attendant on the flight from Nassau said of Princess Stephanie. "The whole family looks shattered."

The Pulitzer divorce saga continued yesterday in West Palm Beach, Fla., as Roxanne Pulitzer testified that her multimillionaire husband, Peter Pulitzer, once told her that he and his adult daughter Liza had "been together one night" and he felt guilty about it.

Pulitzer said her husband's relationship with his daughter, which she called "strange," had been a concern to her since the beginning of the marriage.

"I told him that Liza had told me that she was always going to be No. 1 in his life and that eventually she would have me out of the picture, that she wished she could be married to him," Roxanne Pulitzer testified.

The Pulitzers are battling over custody of their 5-year-old twin sons, Mack and Zack, and the millionaire's fortune, much of it inherited from Pulitzer's grandfather, publishing king Joseph Pulitzer.

END NOTES . . . The White House announced today the nominations of George L. Schaefer, theater and film director/producer, and Raymond J. Learsy, president of the Agricultural and Industrial Corp., to the National Council of the Arts . . . The customized bus used by country singer Kenny Rogers and his band caught fire as band members checked into a Montgomery, Ala., hotel Monday night. No one was hurt, but an estimated $20,000 in damage was caused by the fire, believed by Montgomery fire department officials to have begun in the wiring system.